When we are taking the pulses, we are measuring how much life force is running through the body, and where it is blocked.

The pulse really defines how the body is feeling and where the disease lies, in other words, where  is the body sick.

What organs are blocked?  I tend to stay away from Chinese descriptions and I listen to the patient and listen to the quality of the pulse. The quality really defines what is happening within the matrix of the three-dimensional  levels of the body, mind and spirit and tells me if the underground channels are flowing.  The question is always “Is there a deeper block at a deeper level?”.

The profound level of what the pulse is telling us about how the body is functioning demands an enormous amount of effort on the part of the practitioner.

The first thing you have to shut down is your ego!!

You have to really listen and start to understand what the pulse of someone who is dying feels like. Then be with the person who is dying. Really BE. Feel what their energy is telling you .  The odour as the body is failing. The pulse is feeble, unable to respond any more. All the vital life force is now going to feeding the disease. It has been very humbling to be with patients in their last days of life in this dimension, and yet so profound.

Then take the pulse of a very healthy person, feel how there is an underground well of life force that comes from deep within the person.

Take the pulse of a patient who is just pregnant. Feel how the growing foetus uses all the mothers’ life force to grow and survive.  The pulse is fairly wobbly for those first 8 weeks. All the mothers’ life force is going towards the growth of another human being.