5 Element Acupuncture Helped Me Get Pregnant!

Sasha’s Five Element Acupuncture Experience


Five Element Acupuncture & IVF – Angela Goodwin

My Journey to Fertility


We had experienced fertility problems and were heading down the IVF route. The tests that are part of that process diagnosed various male and female factors and the medical solution was ICSI. The far sighted doctor that we were dealing with at the time suggested that some women found that alternative medicine such as acupuncture improved their fertility, although the only suggestion to me was to drink more water, less alcohol and not to smoke.

My wife did some research which led to her finding Karen Costin. A few visits later and she was feeling much better.

Along with the stress of the whole idea of ICSI and having to deal with the implications of a low sperm count, work was extremely busy and I was aware my energy levels were much lower than I would have liked. My wife suggested that it might be worth trying acupuncture and somewhat reluctantly and after much persuasion I agreed to give it a try.

Karen’s approach is to treat the individual and not just the symptoms and that was a big change to my experiences to that point. When there are fertility issues, my experience is that the medical profession talk to the women, look to treat the women and the man’s role is to produce the sample and to pay the bills.

Dealing with Karen was the first time in the whole process that someone talked to me about how the news of a low count had impacted on me. She also suggested factors that I could change. Most importantly her acupuncture treatment has had an enormous impact – my energy levels are noticeably higher and my last sperm test came back with the wonderful word “normal”!

Tim, Dublin, 2012
I started seeing Karen back in August last year ahead of an IVF cycle that September. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 18 months at that time and we had just completed a round of testing with SIMS, the result of which was a recommendation to do IVF as soon as possible due to some issues on both sides. Looking back, I was in an incredibly bad way by the time I met with Karen for the first time – I was very low, under a huge amount of stress with work and absolutely obsessed with getting pregnant as soon as possible. I was miserable! The IVF cycle didn’t work, not surprisingly given the state I was in, however the treatment that Karen has given me over the last year has been life changing for me – that sounds over the top and an exaggeration but it’s not. It has become about so much more than fertility. My attitude to work has changed completely and I am performing at 110% – my mind is clear, I feel grounded and confident, and much more positive about the company I work for and my future with them – I was on the brink of quitting due to stress when I started acupuncture! Karen has also helped me to deal with some pretty full on family stuff which has been very cathartic. And on the baby front… well I’m not pregnant yet… however it is no longer dominating everything else in my life or my husband’s life. I have been able to accept that this is not on my timeline and not under my control – I am a bit of a control freak by nature so this acceptance is pretty major and has been incredibly freeing. I have a real sense that everything is going to turn out the way it’s supposed to and, it sounds a little clichéd, but I can really appreciate the good things in life. I am 100% sure that this is down to the incredible treatment that Karen has given me – I don’t understand it but it REALLY WORKS!!
Ruth, Dublin, 2012