4 03, 2020

CV 1 and the metal element


To work with CV1 at the soul level requires that the practitioner commit to a lifetime of inner work. That inner work that I speak of is the hard work!! It is the reality of delving into the dark spaces that lie with in all of us and healing ourselves on every level which may [...]

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17 12, 2015

Really Really Sure! Best Christmas Present Ever!!


A very Happy Christmas for one of my clients who was just double checking to make sure it is true... She really is pregnant. 3 years and two failed IVFs later, they got pregnant themselves with a little help from 5 element acupuncture!! Happy Christmas!!!

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25 05, 2015

Acupuncture – The Art of Pulse Taking – Part Two


When we are taking the pulses, we are measuring how much life force is running through the body, and where it is blocked. The pulse really defines how the body is feeling and where the disease lies, in other words, where  is the body sick. What organs are blocked?  I tend to stay away from [...]

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27 06, 2014

Healing the Feminine – A Shamanic Perspective


  "The cv-gv block is a treatment unique to 5 element acupuncture - I have spent the last 25 years of practise mastering these points which till now have not been recognised in their entirety. Many of my patients have experienced profound level of healing from this treatment. The mastery of these points takes the [...]

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9 06, 2014

Sleep Like a Baby With Five Element Acupuncture


Can five element acupuncture treat insomnia? Insomnia affects 30% of the Irish population, with 10% suffering with chronic insomnia. Acupuncture is a great way to treat insomnia. After one or two sessions you can see immediate results. The causes of insomnia can be varied. However, a lack of sleep can have a devastating effect on our [...]

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18 03, 2012

Men Who Eat Fatty Foods have A Lower Sperm Count


A US fertility clinic recently carried out a survey . The results clearly indicated that men who eat high levels of saturated fat- i.e JUNK FOODhad lower sperm density.Men were divided into 3 groups according to how much saturated fat they ate.Men with the highest fat intake had a 43% lower sperm count!

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27 02, 2012

Sex more effective than IVF!


Having Sex could be more effective than IVF ! I have become more aware of how very few IVF clinics actually ask a couple some very basic questions.  one of the main questions should be 1. is your husband in the country? i.e does he work in another country? 2. how is your sex life? [...]

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