“The cv-gv block is a treatment unique to 5 element acupuncture – I have spent the last 25 years of practise mastering these points which till now have not been recognised in their entirety.
Many of my patients have experienced profound level of healing from this treatment. The mastery of these points takes the treatment to a whole new level and offers the opportunity of a life changing moment.
This block has never been taught in this way until now” – Karen Costin
“It is like you can actually see, something lifting out of your body and going…It is like this ‘whoosh’ of badness…it is like cleansing yourself.. and the badness is gone”
– Kaye (0.40)

“It was like everything bad, chemicals, everything, bad thoughts, just lifting out of your body. It just seeped out through, and, it was like I could see it, coming through and gone and it was just, such, I just cried.
 I was so emotional, and so emotionally charged. I just cried! It was like such a relief. It was like that’s it I am better. I am found – That’s what it is” – Kaye (0. 18)

“It was literally just after I ovulate that you did that point and I think it was about three weeks later, that I got pregnant! Exactly what it was. It was incredible!” – Kaye (1.42)