Conception Over 40

The Challenges of Conceiving over 40

There is a constant deluge of information that is very negative for the over 40s woman who hopes to conceive.

You need to inform yourself and realise that it is very common to experience a hormone surge in your fourties that may increase your chances of conceiving naturally!!!

People forget with all the technology of assisted reproduction that making love, having fun and having a good healthy sex life is imperative to your relationship and making babies!! Modern daily stresses impact enormously on this and very often it can be a very simple reason why a couple have not conceived.

Be kind to yourself, nurture yourself and eat a healthy diet with vitamin enriched foods.

Listen to the positive stories of women who conceived later in life.

Shop around for a good supportive positive doctor who will work with you in your quest for motherhood.

And lastly….commit to some acupuncture for a positive outcome!!!!