Many factors can contribute to difficulties in conceiving, some are identifiable, like blocked fallopian tubes or PCOS, some are unexplained. Having one’s life ruled by the countdown to ovulation is traumatic for women and their partners. People experiencing problems with conception usually suffer from additional stresses of societal pressure. They often find it difficult to discuss infertility with friends and family and for some there are issues around shame and fear of failure. All of which can put a strain on marriages and partnerships.

German researchers have found Acupuncture increased conception rates in IVF by almost 50% (Fertility & Sterility, April 2002 issue). It means more hope, fewer cycles, and a shorter wait for what you most desire: a beautiful, healthy baby.

Sarah’s Reason for coming for Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help improve the following fertility risk factors when they have been identified:

Elevated FSH
Poor Lining
Prior IVF failure
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Male Factor – Morphology issues, Low sperm motility, Low sperm count, Anti-Sperm Antibodies

From her work with her patients with unexplained and explained infertility, Karen has devised a dedicated fertility programme including:

First session – The first session considers issues around clients’ expectations and what the benefits of the Acupuncture treatments will be in terms of general well-being. At the first session, Karen aims to identify the woman’s cycle and when ovulation occurs. As part of the programme, cycle tracking, diet and life issues which may be impacting fertility are addressed.

Cycle Tracking – as part of the programme the client tracks her cycle by taking the basal body temperature each morning. This will help to determine when ovulation is occurring and help to identify the best dates for conception.

Nutritional support – as part of the fertility programme Karen offers nutritional support which, depending on your risk factors, will help to enhance well being and prepare the body for pregnancy.

Follicle Tracking – The most effective way of determining ovulation is through follicle tracking. Karen can recommend locations where this can be carried out.

Week Four – Having tracked the cycle for one month, Karen can identify when and if ovulation is occurring. Depending on the outcome of the cycle tracking, Karen uses Acupuncture to rebalance the hormones on a subtle level, which may not be found on a standard blood test.
Subsequent sessions – Each subsequent session involves a combination of Acupuncture and counselling.

Preparation for IVF – This dedicated programme prepares the patient and her body for IVF. Depending on the fertility issue, a course of treatments from2 to 3 months prior to an IVF cycle is recommended.