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1712, 2015

Really Really Sure! Best Christmas Present Ever!!

A very Happy Christmas for one of my clients who was just double checking to make sure it is true…
She really is pregnant.
3 years and two failed IVFs later, they got pregnant themselves with a little help from 5 element acupuncture!!
Happy Christmas!!!

2506, 2014

Aisling’s Journey to Fertility – Audio & Visual Testimonials

Aisling was diagnosed by fertility clinics with a low AMH and a 20% chance of falling pregnant.

5 Element Acupuncture was successfully used by Karen Costin Total Health Care to help her conceive.

Aisling had been trying to conceive for five years, here is her audio journey:

“We just felt time was against us…Little did I know at […]

1706, 2014

My Journey to Fertility…

Aisling was diagnosed by fertility clinics with a low AMH and a 20% chance of falling pregnant.Here is her video testimonial where she explains how 5 element acupuncture was used by Karen Costin to successfully treat infertility and help her conceive.Karen Costin Total Health Care is located in Ranelagh, Dublin. She has a 75% success rate […]

1102, 2012


There appears to be a given that every woman should try clomid as a first port of call when trying to conceive. It is of extreme concern to me that every patient who arrives at my door has been prescribed clomid. some women are often given clomid just because they have not conceived over a […]