There appears to be a given that every woman should try clomid as a first port of call when trying to conceive. It is of extreme concern to me that every patient who arrives at my door has been prescribed clomid. some women are often given clomid just because they have not conceived over a few months!
Clomid is a drug- clomiphene- and it should be prescribed ONLY for women who do not ovulate!! Instead,women are now being given clomid as if it were some light weight supplement  when in fact it is a drug and, that without strict monitoring and observation can lead to- at the very least- ovarian cysts and at its worst can lead to ovarian cancer.
If you have been prescribed clomid, you should request that your doctor send you for follicle tracking which will tell you how many follicles are being produced as a result of taking clomid , as another one of the risks of clomid is multiple pregnancies!!
Researchers from Copenhagen University hospital found 29 cases of thyroid cancer among women aged 28 to 55 with most cases taking place seven years after fertility treatment. The majority of those women had taken clomiphene.