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Monthly Archives: February 2012

2702, 2012

Sex more effective than IVF!

Having Sex could be more effective than IVF !

I have become more aware of how very few IVF clinics actually ask a couple some very basic questions.  one of the main questions should be
1. is your husband in the country? i.e does he work in another country?
2. how is your sex life?
3. when do you […]

1202, 2012

Mens health and Lifestyle tips!

1. If your heart races when you run up the stairs, it is probably an indication that you are unfit and need to increase your exercise!2. Get out of the office at lunch time even for 30 minutes and breathe in some fresh air!!- offices often circulate unhealthy air conditioning or excessive heating.3. If you […]

1202, 2012

prevention is better than the cure

No truer word could be said right now when talking about irelands health system !!!The old saying of the Prevention is better than the cure could not be more valid today in Irelands crumbling health system.It is vital that you don’t get sick in Ireland today as waiting lists and the ensuing lack of care […]

1102, 2012


There appears to be a given that every woman should try clomid as a first port of call when trying to conceive. It is of extreme concern to me that every patient who arrives at my door has been prescribed clomid. some women are often given clomid just because they have not conceived over a […]

1102, 2012

Welcome to my new website- acupunctureformen.ieThe Big question is -why do men generally not take care of themselves? In Ireland , men appear very slow to embrace a healthy lifestyle- which would include a vitamin enriched diet and exercise. I would love to hear your views on why this is and what we can do […]