No truer word could be said right now when talking about irelands health system !!!

The old saying of the Prevention is better than the cure could not be more valid today in Irelands crumbling health system.

It is vital that you don’t get sick in Ireland today as waiting lists and the ensuing lack of care mean that your health is in jeopardy! This is why acupuncturist Karen Costin is coming out and saying “take responsibility for your health and work on preventing yourself from getting sick!”

 Most of my patients comment that you just cannot afford to get sick in Ireland and so the responsibility lies on you to get yourself well or, more importantly to prevent yourself from getting sick!

Acupuncture is one of the main ways of ensuring that your body stays well. 70% of disease is caused by stress. Our culture has become one where people just do not bother to take care of their bodies and then when it gets  sick, they go to a doctor and expect him to fix it!

We now need to get a new message out to people that it is they themselves that need to take responsibility for their health and do everything possible to ensure that they stay well. Diet is one of the most important ways of ensuring that you prevent diabetes, heart disease and even depression.  Acupuncture is one of the most effective ways of dealing with and counteracting stress and more importantly, preventing disease.