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5 element acupuncture

1712, 2015

Really Really Sure! Best Christmas Present Ever!!

A very Happy Christmas for one of my clients who was just double checking to make sure it is true…
She really is pregnant.
3 years and two failed IVFs later, they got pregnant themselves with a little help from 5 element acupuncture!!
Happy Christmas!!!

1011, 2015


The ‘Hui Yin’ acupuncture point gathers the soul, mind and body of the entire body. It is the most vital acupuncture point for healing all sickness’ (Soul Mind Body Science System, Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha and Dr. Rulin Xiu, page 107).

There has been very little written about ‘Hui Yin’, or CV1, the first […]

1905, 2015

Acupuncture – The Art of Pulse Taking



It is a well known fact that all the ancient traditions have used the pulse as one of the main systems of diagnosis. An acupuncturist who takes the pulses as part of the diagnosis will have had at least 3 years of initial training.

However this is a mastery that really defines your skill set as […]

1202, 2012

Mens health and Lifestyle tips!

1. If your heart races when you run up the stairs, it is probably an indication that you are unfit and need to increase your exercise!2. Get out of the office at lunch time even for 30 minutes and breathe in some fresh air!!- offices often circulate unhealthy air conditioning or excessive heating.3. If you […]