The Acupuncture Experience by Betty Lynch

I have had Non Hodgkinson’s Lymphoma in my intestines. From childhood I have suffered from ulceration ~ had two surgeries, the latter being very destructive to my digestive system. I have multiple allergies and food intolerances. Seventeen years ago I started receiving Five Element Acupuncture. It has been a life saver to me.

When I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkinsons’s Lymphoma in 2006, I was very concerned as Chemotherapy was the only treatment. Even though the prognosis was very positive, I was scared due to my allergies and chemical intolerances.

After my first treatment I became seriously ill. Was hospitalised for three weeks, my system seemed to collapse with the first onslaught of chemical drugs. The medical team were wonderful to me and pulled out all the stops to keep me going. I spoke to them about my Acupuncture and how I thought that it might help me. They agreed to allow Karen Costin, my Acupuncturist to come to the hospital and treat me. Even though I was on heavy sedation and many other drugs, the effect of the Acupuncture was very positive. It relaxed me completely which was a great help. I continued having Acupuncture every three weeks prior to my receiving my chemotherapy. It was a tremendous support mentally and emotionally and kept my spirit up and also kept me positive.

At the end of the Chemotherapy I felt very wasted. My weight loss was great and I had no energy whatsoever. A depression and abnormal fear and anxiety re the return of the cancer then set in. It was an awful time for me. The whole experience traumatised me ~ while going through the treatment I seemed fine but now I realised it was all delayed shock. At this stage Acupuncture became a vital support. I had weekly treatments at first ~ then moved out to two weekly visits. It lifted my spirit and gave me hope as gradually I recovered. Perhaps here I should also mention, the Hospice. One of their Nurses calls to see me regularly and is a wonderful support. She is also very interested in my Acupuncture treatment and its effects.

Presently, due to my ongoing stomach condition, I still suffer from nausea and constipation and still get anxious, so I continue to visit Karen. I explain the symptems and express my fears and anxieties to her, she then takes my pulses and treats me accordingly. The effect is quite amazing. Relief can take effect quite quickly especially at the emotional level. The stomach sometimes reacts negatively but settles well after a few days. Skin problems react very well to the treatment. It is a treatment which balances all the systems in the body. “Balance” is truly the key to a healthy life ~ of that there is no doubt.

To conclude, I would like to add that my husband is also a client of Karen’s and is a survivor of bowel cancer for the last eleven years. I see the difference in him after treatment and it is amazing. He is relaxed and very happy in himself and gets great relief from problems that arise occasionally.

We are both very grateful to Karen for her loving care and attention always. She facilitates us if unwell at very short notice and this is a great comfort indeed. I am a great believer in the holistic approach combined with conventional medicine when necessary. Certainly ‘complementary’ not ‘alternative’ is the key to a healthy life.

Betty Lynch