Just to say…

I am writing to you because I feel so strongly about my experience of acupuncture under one of your members. Her name is Karen Costin and I have to say this woman has transformed my life. People are too quick to write to complain and I wanted to take the time to say what an inspirational talented woman Karen is.

I am 30 years old and was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in January 2011. My last menstral cycle was in February 2011. In September 2011, I still had not had any period nor did I even ovulate. I decided to try some fertility acupuncture with Karen. I am attending a specialist at one of the top Maternity Hospitals here in Dublin. My doctor there prescribed me medication in the hope that it would induce ovulation and help me get pregnant. After a couple of months this did not work and my doctor decided to book me in for a laparoscopy operation and ovarian drilling.

In the mean time I was having weekly acupuncture sessions with Karen. After each session I felt so much more relaxed and was sleeping better. My husband and I agreed that even if I didn’t get pregnant the acupuncture was really improving my overall well being. I was in great form and back to my best.

After my third session with Karen she pondered for a bit and told me that she thought there was a particular point that would improve things for me greatly. My pulses were initially off the radar but after these few sessions had improved.

She suggested performing the CV GV block. Being relatively new to acupuncture I wasn’t sure what this meant. Karen explained that they were the Conceptional Vessal and Governing Vessal and she believed this would improve things for me greatly. I had previously had a number of bad experiences with smear tests and the thoughts of any procedure down around that sensitive area terrified me. Karen told me to go away and think about it and decide if I wanted to have it done. She showed me charts and books and clearly explained exactly what would be done and where.

She gave me a lot of reassurance and did not put any pressure on me to go through with it. I went away and did my own research and contacted her to make the appointment. When I arrived I was a little anxious, but the entire atmosphere and setting she created was wonderful.

There was low lighting and she gave me a cosy woolly blanket to cover from my waist down. As I lay back I felt very relaxed and she chatted and put me at ease. During the procedure she explained what she was doing and told me when to take breathes in and out.

I didn’t feel a thing and it was over before I knew it.She felt happy that she had hit the spot and I made an appointment for two weeks time.

About two nights later I had severe pains in my lower abdomen, I went to the bathroom and a lot of milky discharge had come out, then the pain disappeared. It may sound silly but I believe that the CV GV point had cleared a blockage in my system.

The CV GV point was performed on the 25th August 2011. Today the 21st October 2011 I am currently 6 going on 7 weeks pregnant. My doctors and specialists were astounded when they confirmed my pregnancy. The pregnancy has been dated back to the 6th September; just one week after Karen performed the CV GV point.

Needless to say I took great satisfaction in cancelling the operations and fertility appointments I had with the hospital.

I have given Karen’s details to my doctors who were so impressed when I told them about the acupuncture. I am so proud of Karen and the work she does and have a new found respect for alternative medicines. I don’t know where I’d be without her. I am so happy that my dreams of becoming a mother have come true all thanks to the talents of the lovely, sincere, Karen Costin.

Testimonial sent to British Acupuncture Council about member, Karen Costin, October 2011

Theresa, Dublin, 2011