Emer’s Story Of Recovery

My experience of Five Element acupuncture has literally changed so many aspects of my life. From being a complete nervous wreck at the thought of a needle to now where I would recognise the tell-tale signs for when I am in need of an acupuncture session.

Where originally I attended primarily to assist in fertility, my story begins as follows:

I had a caesarean section over 5 years ago and thought falling pregnant the second time would be a fairly straight forward matter. Needless to say this was not the case, possibly for a number of reasons. What led me down the path of considering acupuncture was the fact that I was constantly wrecked/run down, emotionally a bit overwrought and generally at a very low ebb. The dreaded “needles” aspect of the acupuncture was so minor compared to the way I felt physically and emotionally on a daily basis, that I had nothing to loose by giving it a shot when a friend recommended it to me.

Karen could not believe I was still walking when she treated me and felt my pulses (my energy levels were barely registering – I was so weak). This explained quite clearly the reason why I couldn’t fall pregnant as I understand now that my body simply would not have been able to sustain a pregnancy.

After my initial set of treatments I noticed certain aspects of my general health were improving, such as the disappearance of constipation which I had suffered for years. My skin also began to look much clearer and the breakouts ceased. After 6 months of treatment Karen announced that I was healed enough to carry a pregnancy. I was successfully pregnant after 2 more months. The pregnancy held and resulted in a bouncing, healthy little girl who is an absolute joy. I was 38 years old.

In order for me to deliver babies I have to have caesareans due to a pelvis which is too small to allow the babies head through and a fibroid. The after effects of this form of delivery for me are very powerful. I had a serious dip in my energy levels again, whereby I would just shake until I rested or ate (or both) after a minor amount of physical exertion eg walking to the shops or climbing the stairs. Emotionally I was overwrought regularly where something minor would become a big issue. Furthermore depression and anxiety set in a couple of months after the birth. While I had acupuncture treatments immediately after the birth it was necessary for me to go abroad soon after and couldn’t seek treatment until I returned.

In the meantime I recognised all the hallmarks of my depleted energy levels and my emotional swings from my previous post-birth experiences and sought the help of acupuncture with Karen at the earliest opportunity on my return. These sessions resulted in a prompt return to my normal physical, emotional and spiritual health after a few sessions.

The physical health benefits I have enjoyed are nearly secondary at this point, but I cannot underestimate the power of feeling healthy. When the healthy vibrancy began to return to my body I was finally freed up to exist and enjoy my life more fully on an emotional and spiritual level.

I am delighted to have discovered the benefits of this form of holistic therapy so early in life and I would feel confident into the future that a quick visit to Karen for an acupuncture treatment would result in a very accurate reading of my general health and wellbeing.

Thank you very much Karen for everything!

Dublin, Ireland