I initially attended Karen over 3 years ago as I had been recommended acupuncture to assist with pregnancy and she came very highly recommended. After a number of years trying to conceive we were blessed with a very smooth pregnancy thanks to a careful diet, positive outlook and of course the excellent care and attention received from Karen through acupuncture.

Our son was born in July 2006 and within 3 months I noticed that I had lost a lot of hair and it was still coming out in clumps, much to my distress. I spoke to Karen about it and she began to channel our sessions on my hair loss and restoring the energy fields in my system which related to this area.

Within a few weeks I saw a remarkable improvement and my hair was no longer coming out in clumps. Within 4-6 weeks you could see the new hair growth appearing all over my head and even my hairdresser commented on the marked improvement in my hair quality and re growth.

15 months on and we are doubly blessed with a 4 month old delightful baby girl and very proud older brother, once again with thanks to the excellent talents of Karen and her Acupuncture service.

I did experience some further hair loss after my daughter’s birth but there was a marked reduction on the previous time. Similarly, following some sessions with Karen the hair loss has stopped and re growth has begun to appear already. I am also very lucky to have much thicker hair than before so the hair loss is not as apparent as the last time. I would strongly recommend acupuncture to anyone considering pregnancy.

I would recommend it also for general health and wellbeing and I now look on it as an integral part of my health and fitness regime. I look forward to my regular sessions with Karen and the benefits are apparent in my everyday encounters with the world.

I have also recommended Karen’s service to a number of my friends and they have been extremely pleased. Thanks Karen for all you understanding and excellent care.

Elena, Dublin & Spain, 2005