Acupuncture During Labour – Anne Marie Brady’s Story

I used Acupuncture for pain relief during my labour and delivery and I found it extremely effective.

I had been having Acupuncture treatments since about 18 weeks to help control hyperemisis, so I was prepared for what would be involved. However, I was still quite sceptical that Acupuncture could provide adequate pain relief, and as many friends said to me that I would change my mind when the time came, I went in with an open mind and hoped that I would not need or want any other form of pain relief.

Karen arrived at my bedside before I went into the delivery room, she inserted some needles in my legs and hands (all of which were taped down, so I still had freedom of movement and could continue to take warm showers) and then on the short walk to the delivery room, Karen taught me a very simple but extremely effective breathing technique to deal with each contraction.

Throughout the eight hours in the delivery room, Karen was amazing, she was able to relieve pain by applying pressure just with her hands and continuously reminding me to breath through each contraction.

At one point when everything seemed to slow down and I was having some severe back pain (linked to a previous back injury), Karen stood behind me and inserted some needles in my lower back and I was suddenly able to feel my baby changing position and my back pain easing and from there my labour started to speed up again.

Karen encouraged me to take up various positions and to stand as much as possible, all of which meant that the final stages of labour took only ten minutes.

After our son was safely and quietly delivered, Karen continued with Acupuncture to assist the afterbirth.

For me one of the most wonderful parts of using Acupuncture for my labour was how awake and aware I was of everything that was happening and how wonderful I felt afterwards, I was side awake and able to hold our son, I had no epidural to recover from, no episiotomy, and I did not need any medication in the days following.

Karen visited us in the hospital the day after Ben’s arrival and treated me again, which I found very relaxing.

I will most definitely be involving Acupuncture and Karen in any future pregnancies.